The Midland Academy Charter School District Gifted and Talented education program seeks to identify students in grade Kindergarten - 8th who are highly able and advanced. If your child does these things most or all of the time, it would be appropriate to nominate the student for evaluation:
  • Wants to know about many things
  • Asks "why?" all the time
  • Is interested in things in which other children his/her age are not usually interested
  • Makes up games, songs or puzzles
  • Learns new things very quickly or easily
Nominations take place once a year (January 9-20, 2017) and assessments follow. If your child is accepted in to the program, they will be eligible for special instruction and projects during their allotted GT classroom time.
The 2016-17 GT Instructors are
Carrie Johnson
Jennifer Currie
Brenda Martinez